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Bizhub PRESS C8000
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Especificaciones impresora
Velocidad de impresión A4 80 ppm
Velocidad de impresión A3 46 ppm
Resolución de impresión 1,200 x 1,200 dpi x 8bit
Max 1,200 x 3,600 dpi equivalent
Gradaciones 256 gradations
Especificaciones Sistema
Gramaje del papel 64 to 300 g/m², up to 350 g/m² from all PFU trays
Unidad de doble cara Non-stack type, 64-300 g/m²
Tamaño de papel A5-A3+ (330 x 487 mm)
Área máxima de imagen 321 x 480 mm
Capacidad de entrada del papel máxima 10,760 sheets
Capacidad de salida del papel máxima 13,600 sheets
Dimensiones de la unidad principal ( An. x Pr .x Al.) 900 x 950 x 1,319 (only main unit)
Peso de la unidad principal 450 kg
Especificaciones Controlador
Type IC-306 external EFI Controller
CPU Intel® Core2 Quad @ 2.66 GHz
RAM 2 GB high-speed memory
HDD 160 GB SATA hard drive
Interface Ethernet (10/100/1000-Base-T)
Type IC-307 external CREO Controller
CPU Intel® Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz
RAM 2 GB system memory, 3 GB image memory
HDD 2x 500 GB system disc, 2x 500 GB image disc
Interface Ethernet (10/100/1,000-Base-T)
Especificaciones Scanner
Scan speed A4 Up to 40 opm
Scan resolution 600 dpi / 400 dpi / 300 dpi / 200 dpi
Modos del escáner TWAIN scan; Scan-to-HDD; Scan-to-FTP; Scan-to-SMB; Scan-to-E-mail
Scan formats PDF, TIFF
Especificaciones Copiadora
Copy speed A4 80 ppm
Copy speed A3 46 ppm
Copy resolution Max.: 600 x 600 dpi
Gradaciones 256 gradations
Zoom 25 - 400 % in 0.1 % steps
Multiple copies 1 - 9,999
Alimentador de papel PF-704
3 magazines;
air suction feeding
Paper capacity: up to 4,630 sheets

Includes document feeder
3 magazines;
air suction feeding
Paper capacity: up to 4,630 sheets
Finalizador de cuadernillos FS-612
Booklet making for up to 20 sheets (80 images),
2-point and corner stapling,
stapling up to 50 sheets,
centre fold and letter fold in,
auto-shift sorting and grouping,
output for up to 2,500 sheets,
sub tray for up to 100 sheets
Optional : Post inserter and Punch kit
Unidad de plegado y taladro FD-503
Pre-printed sheet insertion (PI),
2 PI trays for 500 sheets each,
punching (2 and 4 hole),
folding (half-fold, z-fold, gate-fold,
letter fold in,
letter fold out,
sub tray for up to 200 sheets
Unidad de grapado FS-521
Stapling of up to 100 sheets,
2-point and corner stapling,
variable staple length (cutting mechanism),
output for up to 3,000 sheets,
sub tray for up to 200 sheets,
auto-shift sort¬ing and grouping
Unidad de cuadernillos SD-506
Booklet making of up to 50 sheets (200 images),
saddle stitching,
output tray for up to 50 booklets,
multi letter fold in (up to 5 sheets),
multi half fold (up to 5 sheets)
Unidad de apilado LS-505
Up to 5,000 sheets stacking capacity,
trol¬ley mounted stacker,
auto-shift stacking,
sub tray for up to 200 sheets,
paper clamp mechanism
Unidad de encuadernado de engomado PB-503
Hot melt glue binding system
Integrated 1-side trimming of cover sheets
Books from A5 up to A4+ (307 x 221 mm)
Books from 10 sheets up to 30 mm spine width
Cover paper tray for up to 1,000 sheets
Sub tray for up to 200 sheets
Book stacking capacity of up to 3,300 sheets
2 stacks